The Top Most Beautiful Women in Ancient China

Chinese Legends and Myths has included ancient beautiful women who made a lot of controversy, special events, wars, transfer of powers and others because of their magnificent beauty.  

 Xishi (497 BC)
Her story includes the King of Yue (Gou Jian), Prince of Fuchai (Wu) and Minister Pan Li.

Wang Zhaojun
 She is part of the emperors harem and is the most beautiful girl in that harem. The emperor at that time picks his women through their paintings made by te court painter. Women at that time bribe the court painter so that he will paint them beautifully even if they do not really look like that in person. Wang Zhaojun, confident of her beauty didn’t give any bribe to Mao Yanshou who was the court painter then. However, because of this Mao Yanshous painted her in the most simple way that her painting looked the ugliest among the rest of the paintings. But luck was on her side, the emperor said when he was choosing his queen to be that he’s tired of the beautiful paintings of women that he chose the painting which is the simplest and not extravagant. The emeperor chose Zhaojun’s painting. They were all surprised when she appeared to the emperor because she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen at their time. The emperor then married Wang Zhaojun.

She is found in history books in the story of the 3 kingdoms. Her marvelous beauty caused the fights among several top men of her time including Dong Zhou (one who wants to monopolize his powers), Situ Zhangwei (an official who was beheaded), and Prime Minister Wang Yun.

 Yang Gui Fei
She is the one and only daugther of Yang Xuanyan who is a census official in Sichuan. Her family was greedy for power and they used her beauty to get them all in higher positions. She was forced to go into the emperial harem. And she did attracted the T’ang emperor that made her family all high officials in the kingdom. Unfortunately there was a rebellion in the kingdom and the soldiers demanded to kill Yang Gui Fei for her family’s greed. She committed suicide.


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