Five Major/Basic Chinese Colors Meaning

Color Wheel

The Chinese has an equivalent meaning to each and every color. There is a large difference between the symbolism of colors in the Chinese perspective from that of the Western perspective.Here are the meanings of the colors according to Chinese tradtions and philosophies.

The white color for Chinese symbolizes death. It is considered as a metal color. The meaning of the white color in Chinese has a grave difference to the meaning in the west which is purity.

The color red is the color of good luck in Chinese. It symbolizes happiness in the person whoever wears it. As a result it is higly forbiddden to wear red dominant clothes during funerals or burials. Red is the color for fire.

Green symbolizes great prosperity in health. In the east (for the Chinese) green is a good color. However for the western culture green can symbolize infidelity (greennats).

Yellow is the color for the Earth (fruit).

The color black in Chinese philosophies is a neutral color or which symbolizes mourning. This is the reason why in Chinese tradition a black cloth is put over the picture of the dead person. The color Black in Chinese and Western perspective has the same meaning or symbolism of mourning.

Blue or Dark Blue
Death or funeral is the meaning of the color blue in China. It is somewhat similar to the western concept of the color blue which is loneliness.


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