Taoism One of the 3 major religion/philosophies in China along with Confucianism and Buddhism. Taoism (Tao is equal to way) literally means “the way of nature/virtue”. It is based on the teachings and philosophies of the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu (Tao tse ting/ way of virtue). He is also the father of Taoism and is referred to as “the old scholar”. In Taoism, true happiness can be attained by the union of humility, patience and self-control. Taoism is generally the teaching of human ethics based on religion. The first Taoist book was written by Lao Tzu and is considered the first poetic book. Likewise, Chuang Tzu (or sometimes referred to as Chuang Chou) wrote the second greatest Taoist book. Taoism talks about the essence of life. Taoism in the late Han times is often referred to as the Yellow Turban. The Yellow Turban means Taoism promises immortality to ordinary men.


The Taoists or people who believe and are followers of Taoism, maintained the shaman ways in the early years from the birth of Taoism during the Chou Dynasty
The Taoists do certain activities such as yoga like those of gymnastics. They also have dietary rules in which they should avoid eating cereals. Wang Chang a first century Chinese philosopher described the Taoist as people who eat the finest fruits as a means of spiritual transcendence. The “Hsien” (in spiritual transcendence) is similar to angels which means they are delicate super beings or divine beings whose skin and flesh resembles snow.

“What is my place in nature?” – “You are part of it, and you must understand it”.
                                                                                                            - Taoism Philosophy


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