Mooncake Festival Dice Game

Every month of September, Chinese celebrates the Moon cake Festival. One of the exciting games played during the celebration is the dice game. The game is really simple and may vary from one family to another. However, the principles and rules are universal. The important thing in the dice game is the red 4 dots. You just have to keep in mind to be able to get red 4 dots each throw and you are a sure winner.

What you'll need:
6 fair dices, 1 bowl, long table (depends on the number of players), moon cake and/or other prizes. 

1. Choose a starting point where the game will start. The person chosen to start the game will throw the 6 dices all at one throw into the bowl. There must be no dice thrown out of the bowl, otherwise his/her turn will be void.The bowl will be passed on to the next person sitting beside the first person and so on until the bowl reaches the starting point again and repeat the game until all prizes are consumed.

2. Determining the prizes:

a. one 4 red dots (smallest prize)

b. two 4 red dots (next smallest prize)
c. three 4 red dots (medium prize)

d. four 4 red dots (next medium prize)

e. five 4 red dots (big prize)

f. six 4 red dots (jackpot)

Special prizes:
a. if the dices that appear are the dices with dots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 it will be given a special prize usually next to the jackpot prize or if nobody has gotten the jackpot prize.

Other possible prizes:
a. Same Four/Same three numbers. If a thrower has gotten three or four identical/same numbers he/she will receive a special prize.

How will the game end? 
When all moon cakes or prizes has been used up. The game master will determine how will the remaining prizes be distributed.

This version is how we play it during the first Sunday of September at the Rotary Office :)

credits to manilalife for the dice photos :)
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