Important Dates in Chinese History


1766                       Shang ruled the Huang Ho
1027                       Chou overthrew Shang
500                         Confucius Era
221-226                Qin Dynasty (Great Wall of China)
206                         Han Dynasty (Confucianism was made the official philosophy)

605                         Sui Dynasty (Grand Canal)
618-907                Rebirth of Chinese culture (T’ang Dynasty). Capital city is Xian
960                         Song Dynasty (Civil service exams)
1279                       Mongols conquered China (Yuan Dynasty)
1275-1292            Marco Polo
1368                       Mongolians were drived away by the Ming Dynasty
1644                       Manchu (Qing Dynasty)
1839                       Illegal opium smuggling. Opium war (Hong Kong)
1851-1864            Millions of Chinese died in the Taiping rebellion
1900                       Secret Societies (Boxer Rebellion)
1912                       Lat Qing emperor was overthrowned. Republic of China was established.
1928                       Chiang-Kai-Shek reunited China
1934-1935            Mao Ze Dong/ Mao Tse Tung (Long March)
1937                       Japan invaded China
1946                       Renewed Civil war
1949                       People’s Republic of China was established.
1966-1968            Cultural Revolution
1976                       Mao Ze Dong, Zhou En Lai died. (Powers to Deng Xiaoping)
1989                       Hundred of students died in the Tianammen Square.
1993                       Governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten on the transfer of power to China in 1997.
1997                       Deng Xiaoping died in Hongkong
1998                       9th National People’s Congress Meeting. Zhu Rongji became China’s premier.
1999                       China embassy was bombed. Soveregnity of Macau to China.
2000                       US-China relations act of 2000 (Bill Clinton).
2001                       Sea Link was officially restored
2002                       Outgoing president Jiang Zemin was replaced by Hu Jin Tao.
2003                       China and Hong Kong is hit by SARS.
                                China sent an austronaut to space.


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