The Top Most Beautiful Women in Ancient China

Chinese Legends and Myths has included ancient beautiful women who made a lot of controversy, special events, wars, transfer of powers and others because of their magnificent beauty.  

 Xishi (497 BC)
Her story includes the King of Yue (Gou Jian), Prince of Fuchai (Wu) and Minister Pan Li.

Important Dates in Chinese History


1766                       Shang ruled the Huang Ho
1027                       Chou overthrew Shang
500                         Confucius Era
221-226                Qin Dynasty (Great Wall of China)
206                         Han Dynasty (Confucianism was made the official philosophy)

Five Major/Basic Chinese Colors Meaning

Color Wheel

The Chinese has an equivalent meaning to each and every color. There is a large difference between the symbolism of colors in the Chinese perspective from that of the Western perspective.Here are the meanings of the colors according to Chinese tradtions and philosophies.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Chinese Dragon Dance

Myths and Legends during the Chinese New Year

The Chinese Beat Nian
It is a long head sharp horn deep sea creature but according to legend on every new year’s eve it will climb to the shore to kill livestock

Chinese Holidays and Festivals

China has a rich culture and tradition that they greatly show through their holidays and festivals. Here is the list of the holidays and festivals that are celebrated in China.

(Lunar Calendar)

1st moon
Chinese New Year equivalent to the Spring Festival

Lantern Festival- In celebration of the birthday of Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti (the Jade Emperor). Colors of the Lanterns in the Latern Festival are all red.

2nd moon
15th day which is the birthday of Tudigong who is known as the Lord of the Earth.
Wenchang (God of Literature)

China: At a Glimpse

People's Republic of China Flag
The name China came from the “Chin” or “Qin” the 4th dynasty of China (221-206 BC). It is also the dynasty that united whole China.

Total Land Area: 9,560,980 sq. km.
North: Mongolia
South: South China Sea
East: Pacific Ocean
West: Tibet

China is found in the east portion of Asia.
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