Chinese Holidays and Festivals

China has a rich culture and tradition that they greatly show through their holidays and festivals. Here is the list of the holidays and festivals that are celebrated in China.

(Lunar Calendar)

1st moon
Chinese New Year equivalent to the Spring Festival

Lantern Festival- In celebration of the birthday of Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti (the Jade Emperor). Colors of the Lanterns in the Latern Festival are all red.

2nd moon
15th day which is the birthday of Tudigong who is known as the Lord of the Earth.
Wenchang (God of Literature)

Zao Zi (Founder of Taoism)
Guanyin/Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

3rd moon
23rd day Birthday of Xuan Tian Shangdi (God of Rain)
Mazu (Goddess of Sea)

4th moon
Birthday of the founder of Buddhism
Lu Dongbin (one of the 8 immortals)
Huato (Patron saint of medicine)

5th moon
No Celebration

6th moon
Dragon Boat Festival

7th moon
Guan Gong (God of Warriors)
Ghost month or known as the Hungry Ghost Festival
Lovers Day
Dizang Wang (King of the Underworld)

8th moon
Mid-autumn festival
Sun Wugong (Monkey King)

9th moon

10th moon

12th moon
Sending off the winter clothes
Damo (Founder of Chan Buddhism)
23rd day is the celebration of Siddharta Achreung Enlightenment
Kitchen God reports to the Jade Emperor

Solar Holidays/ Earth days

April 4,5,6- Tomb Sweeping Day
September 28- Teacher’s Day (Taiwan) The greatest teacher is Confucius
October 1 – National Day (People’s Republic of China)
October 10- National Day (Republic of China/Taiwan)


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